Customer Service Department

How to improve the Customer Service Department? Recent quiz have shown that at least a 92% of Managers consider that a good Customer Service Department is a key to succeed. Mistakes to be avoided at a Customer Service Department: Not having a trained personnel at the Customer Service Department is a serious problem. The staff […]

Process of a denim pant

Manufacture process of a denim pant The manufacture process of a denim pant is quite interesting. Nowadays, these garments are manufactured worldwide, and are practically in every wardrobe, its uses has been popularized over the last years and the innovative designs have make jeans to have a bigger demand for public of all ages. “In […]

Leader or manager

How to difference a leader from a manager A company needs different persons to handle various tasks and it is important to difference which ones should be done and assign a position to it, such as supervisor or manager. The names of each position are directly attached to the power each person will have within […]

Natural fibers

What are the natural fibers? Fibers obtained from an animal or a plant are known as natural fibers, they are mainly used on textiles but some of the fibers coming from plants can be used to make ropes as well and today we will explain further about the existing fibers. Natural fibers are proteins resistant […]

Denim and its different types

Denim and its different types and classification Denim has many popular components to create garments worn daily, such as jackets, vests, shirts and skirts, and the most common garment, denim pants; however, this material could seem very alike to inexpert eyes, but there are too many different types of denim and their classification varies depending […]

Types of entrepreneurs

Types of entrepreneurs on the actual businesses This time we will let you know all types of existing entrepreneurs. Of course, not all entrepreneurs meet exactly these descriptions, some might sometimes have a different mix of several of them: Visionary – A visionary entrepreneur goes ahead of all actual tendencies and puts a great effort […]

Cotton consumers

Cotton Consumers Don’t Just Want Good Products, They Want A Good Story There are a host of significant trends that have an impact on today’s global cotton industry, but, in the end, nothing is more critical than consumer demand. Whatever the issues may be, as long as people continue to buy cotton textiles and apparel, […]

Milliken and Company Named A 2015 World’s Most Ethical Company

Milliken & Company Named A 2015 World’s Most Ethical Company By The Ethisphere Institute Milliken & Company, a global innovation company, has been recognized as a 2015 World’s Most Ethical Company by the Ethisphere Institute, the global leader in defining and advancing the standards of ethical business practices. The World’s Most Ethical Companies designation recognizes […]

Productive business meetings

How to have productive business meetings We are starting a new year and it usually happens that the business meetings increase considerably once everyone is back from holidays, mainly to make collaboration plans, new announcements, changes within the company and all other important topics and when most of those meetings are really important, many of […]

Textile sectors in Mexico

Most important textile sectors in Mexico Textile enterprises had a losing streak in the last decade and by then it looked like the maquiladora industry was stuck in a bump it could not get out of; however, things have improved for the textile sector and the companies have been able to start over again, Comarca […]