First Startup

Steps to Surviving Your First Startup How do people survive financially after quitting their job and pursuing the entrepreneur route of a startup? Here are the few things about surviving as a bootstrapped entrepreneur after quitting job: If you aren’t 100% sure, don’t even try to survive financially. Get your job back. Being an entrepreneur […]

Customer Scores

Have Customer Scores Think you should be treated better because you’re worth more to a retailer? You’re right. The Customer Lifetime Value calculation is beginning to take shape. And it could give you more power as a customer. Today, we’ve all accepted the notion of a “credit score.” That’s because everyone’s score is derived from […]


How well do you know your customers? Smart brands focus on learning as much as they can about their customers both current and potential collecting data about age, sex, likes, dislikes. While each product appeals to a different group(s) of shoppers, there are a few tried and true principles brands need to keep in mind […]

Competitive Environment

How to stay strong in today’s competitive environment Sometimes it’s hard to focus on the basics. Technology changes on a daily basis, new competitors arise and the market is constant turmoil. It’s important, however, to slow down and take the pulse of your company. Are the fundamentals in place for a healthy balance sheet? A […]