Business Administration

Business Administration

Business Administration

These administrative functions are performed by different types of managers according to their level of responsibility and authority. In a business environment, administrators are assigned common set of functions to meet the organization’s goals which are:

The most important administrative function in a business environment is planning. Planning is defined by the decision made at the initial level at which the administrator has to decide what to do to fulfill a goal. What are the different ways and means to do it and who are the right person to perform that job. In planning, the first step is to arrange the functions, people or components involved into a proper working order. The next thing is to find out the specific steps the people involved must take to complete the job. The planning part should also include the details of the equipment, time and manpower needed for a particular job.

The resources and manpower, skill availability to complete a particular task is also checked in this part. The planning phase should clearly specify the order in which sub tasks have to be performed to complete a job successfully. By deciding the order in which the plans have to be carried out, a complete plan of action has to be decided before hand.

Overall, a plan of action specifies the tasks in an order for a particular period of time. If the planning is done by taking certain steps in the right direction then it is possible to complete the task without interruptions   so that it is possible to complete the given task most efficiently and effectively:

  1. At first step, all the actions have to be identified along with the resources required so that all the problems are identified before starting the work.
  2. A planned time line sheet to complete the tasks in an order.
  3. Define the priorities for various tasks so that it helps in mapping the path from where the organization is to where it wants to be.

“The planning administrator should identify the entire problem that can arise due to circumstances so that solutions can be provided immediately if the problem comes up” added Salomón Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim.

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