Become a trustworthy entrepreneur

Tips to become a trustworthy entrepreneur Many successful entrepreneurs share different qualities that have make them distinguish from the rest, such as being passionate, perseverant and, of course, trustworthy, and we will talk further about the latter with some tips that will help you improving the way you project yourself and how will the others […]

Leadership Style

Delegation as a Leadership Style Your leadership style is situational. Your leadership style depends on the task, the team or individual’s capabilities and knowledge, the time and tools available and the results desired. As a supervisor, manager or team leader, you make daily decisions about the appropriate leadership style to employ in each work situation. […]

First Startup

Steps to Surviving Your First Startup How do people survive financially after quitting their job and pursuing the entrepreneur route of a startup? Here are the few things about surviving as a bootstrapped entrepreneur after quitting job: If you aren’t 100% sure, don’t even try to survive financially. Get your job back. Being an entrepreneur […]