Highly Successful Investors

Characteristics of Highly Successful Investors Successful investors know that their cup of knowledge must never be full so they always keep their minds open; ever ready to learn. Highly successful investors are proactive learners The first characteristic of highly successful investors is that they are proactive learners. They spend more time studying than the average […]

Finding Inspiration

Tips for Finding Inspiration Some people may be happy with the success that they’ve found, but most entrepreneurs  are born innovators, always looking for the next idea that will change the landscape. Bold ideas and colorful details are what keep them going, day after day, propelling them forward into greatness. But sometimes, successful entrepreneurs lose […]

Entrepreneur or businessman?

Entrepreneur or businessman, is there any difference? Ten years ago “entrepreneur” word was barely used and businessman was all we had; however, entrepreneur term is now everywhere: politicians, media, institutions and big companies. Now, are there differences between and entrepreneur and a businessman? Wikipedia defines and entrepreneur as a person that starts up a company […]