Fashion designers

Most important fashion designers in the world There are many designers that have influenced the fashion world significantly, but today we will tell you more about those designers that have left a mark with their designs. “Designers understand the importance of creating masterpieces, there is many people who loves fashion styles and wait impatiently for […]

Personal development

What is personal development and how important it is to succeed Personal development was first introduced by Abraham Maslow, who showed a hierarchy consisting of needs represented by a pyramid, where the personal fulfillment occupied the apex, this fulfillment is defined as the wish or aspiration to turn into that person you really want to […]

Denim on 2016: Young and wild

Denim on 2016: Young and wild generations The Fashion Institute of Technology fit in New York city showed last December the “Denim Fashion’s Frontier”, an exposition of the most trendy and contemporary material in the fashion world: denim. As it is known, denim has been a flag that speaks the dreams and rebellion of the […]

Natural fibers

What are the natural fibers? Fibers obtained from an animal or a plant are known as natural fibers, they are mainly used on textiles but some of the fibers coming from plants can be used to make ropes as well and today we will explain further about the existing fibers. Natural fibers are proteins resistant […]

Ideas for menswear

Ideas for menswear at work Men, in general, tend to pay less attention on their clothes at work, but the menswear is very important. Some young men usually presents at job interviews with casual looks, forgetting that first impressions plays a very important role, and for this reason, looking well might influence in a positive […]