Bleach your jeans

Bleach your jeans and give them a new look If you love our jeans but you are trying to make them look different, we will give you an idea to get that effect by using bleach on them, which will make them look stylish. “A great advantage of buying any garments made of denim is […]

Sulfur dye

Sulfur dye, Characteristics and Uses Nowadays, there are many techniques applied to denim, and one of the most common is the sulfur dye, as its cost is low, it is easy to apply to this fabric and it has very good wash-fastness, this dye is mainly available in dark blue, black and brown colors, and […]

How to wear double denim

How To Wear Double Denim For Men & Women Double denim is a trend that has been around for decades and it’s one that won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. So many people think that double denim or denim on denim, whichever you prefer to call it, is an absolute no no, however, when it’s […]

Denim look

Giving a new meaning to “denim look” Have you noticed everyone is wearing denim now? The reason is that denim look has taken new meanings, a pair of jeans, which began their life as a working clothing, are nowadays so popular that everyone is trying to create new looks with them, including super stars. Designers […]

Process of a denim pant

Manufacture process of a denim pant The manufacture process of a denim pant is quite interesting. Nowadays, these garments are manufactured worldwide, and are practically in every wardrobe, its uses has been popularized over the last years and the innovative designs have make jeans to have a bigger demand for public of all ages. “In […]

Denim and its different types

Denim and its different types and classification Denim has many popular components to create garments worn daily, such as jackets, vests, shirts and skirts, and the most common garment, denim pants; however, this material could seem very alike to inexpert eyes, but there are too many different types of denim and their classification varies depending […]

Textile sectors in Mexico

Most important textile sectors in Mexico Textile enterprises had a losing streak in the last decade and by then it looked like the maquiladora industry was stuck in a bump it could not get out of; however, things have improved for the textile sector and the companies have been able to start over again, Comarca […]

Fits for jeans

Different type of fits for jeans Every day there are more type of fits for jeans on the market. For this reason, on this note we will explain to you in a more detailed why what types they are and which one can fit better to each type of body. “In Grupo Denim, we handle […]