Combining boyish and girly styles

Combining boyish and girly styles

How to combine the boyish and girly styles?

Boyish and girly styles are trends that we totally love and came here to stay for a long time, so no matter if you prefer one of them only, or if you like to try with both styles constantly, in this article we will show you some amazing combinations to create the most wonderful outfits.

Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim, commented about this topic: “I see how fast fashion trends change and how important has denim become on the fashion world, as there is always a garment manufactured on this fabric that is present on many different styles”.

If you love combining a pair of skinny jeans with your sneakers and a black basic t-shirt, you might feel very comfortable with the boyish style. The secret for the boyish style is to combine male garments with other that are more delicate, creating a perfect balance. For example, you can combine a pair of ripped boyfriend jeans with a white silk top and a blazer. Complement it with chunky pumps and male accessories, such as a steel watch. Cuffing the sleeves of your blazer will make the trick.

If you, on the other side, have a closet full of dresses, you might feel more into the girly style, and for this one, it is all about having a sexy attitude. You can combine a mini dress with pointy pumps and very feminine accessories. For summer, there are plenty of different denim garments that can give you the girly look you want, such as shorts, vests or denim dresses.

“Whatever your style is, you can always complement it with a denim garment, as this fabric is one of the most resistant and a timeless one, so you can wear different garments manufactured in denim all year long”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.