General Manager

General Manager

Communication of a General Manager

We all know that a General Manager in a company is always too busy, with an endless list of pending things to get done, reminders or meeting that he must attend punctually, among some other issues. All of these tasks makes it hard for a General Manager to remember the importance of his public relationships to make a company grow up.

The Digital Marketing, has become a key part for communication within an Enterprise, which can be used by a General Manager to use on his benefit. This type of marketing consists on making the company to be known and its products or services to be promoted without forgetting the rest of his activities.

“Many companies have decided to use technology to be known, such as Internet, using the social networks, e-mails or blogs as most nowadays communication can be easier, so we can take advantage of that and use it on the company’s benefit”, commented Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim.

A General Manager has many important tasks to do every day, but he must always find enough time to establish a good level of communication with his customers, as well as his own staff, as this will help him maintaining a solid business and make sure it keeps on growing.

Leadership is an indisputable characteristic that every General Manager should have in order to keep a personal communication level with everyone working with him. He should also know that every company has risks of facing crisis at any point, and  handling a good type of communication, he cannot only face those crisis but be able to discuss solutions, communicate the situation with the investors of the company, customers and workers and all of this can only be done by having a good communication plan.

“An effective communication by a General Manager will not only give enough security to the customers but to the workers of a company, which will feel a working stability and will approach him to communicate its concerns and ideas which will help the company to reach its goals”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.