Logistics in the manufacturing industry

Logistics in the manufacturing industry

Importance of having organized logistics in the manufacturing industry

Manufacturing industry knows, as any other type of industries do, how important it is to have efficient logistics, which is an important difference between meeting the customers’ needs in time or to create delays that can even get to damage the business relationship on both sides.

“Logistics are a key to succeed, in Grupo Denim, we make sure that our Logistics Department is well organized and knows the importance of delivering the finished products to their final destinations on or before the requested dates, that guarantees our customers to be more satisfied with our work”, commented Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of this company.

Logistics have always been one of the main concerns for any companies to make sure their products are delivered on time, and although Mexico has a great advantage to being so close to the United States, this does not guarantee their items are delivered on time, unless there is an efficient way of handling Logistics.

Mexico is one of the most preferred manufacturing locations for the United States, because of the quality of their products, low costs, efficiency and on-time deliveries, but in order to achieve the latter, it is important to detect all those weak links on the transportation process and to make it easier and faster.

Logistics are important from the beginning to the end. Some manufacturing companies have already demanded from their raw materials suppliers not only to lower their products’ costs but also to move their goods at nearer locations that will not only efficient the delivery time but will also help them improving their transportation costs.

“Manufacturing companies are always running their production fast, so logistics are a key to succeed, from the reception of materials to run production to the transportation of finished garments to our customers”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal about this topic.

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  1. La logística siempre lleva un papel muy importante ya que se asegura de que los productos sean entregados y en buen estado

  2. The importance of logistics with the manufacturing sector is amazing thanks for the advancement in logistic sector, can never imagine goods and transportation with out all these logistics advancements today

  3. Logistics have been a key player in enhancing the manufacturing sector nowadays excellent article justifying its importance thanks for sharing

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