Productive business meetings

productive business meetings

How to have productive business meetings

We are starting a new year and it usually happens that the business meetings increase considerably once everyone is back from holidays, mainly to make collaboration plans, new announcements, changes within the company and all other important topics and when most of those meetings are really important, many of the employees usually complain for the waste of valuable time and energy. For this reason, we will give you some tips to make sure all of your business meetings are productive instead of a waste of energy.

“Meetings are necessary to have an organized company, but to do that, those meetings have to be an example of organization, watching important subjects and using no more than the necessary time to review all those pending matters, that will leave enough time to dedicate to the rest of the activities during a working day and avoiding unnecessary stress”, thinks Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim.

Not all business meetings should be structured the same exact way, especially if they are improvised as it happens once in a while. If you plan a 60 minutes meeting, you do not necessarily need to spend the whole time, make sure everyone is focused on those subjects being reviewed and going straight to the point can save important time to finish the meetings before the planned time.

If you organize a business meeting to check on a project, it might seem pretty tempting to invite everyone who was once involved on it, but when that happens, you can end up with a room filled with people and having a hard time to reach to a solution quickly, remember that the assistants must have direct interest on the subject.

“Entrepreneurs are usually focused on improving the systems within their company, the same happens with the meetings, trying to make them more attractive and productive, but in order to reach this goal, new strategies should usually be implemented to get favorable results”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal about this topic.

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  1. Analizar, organizar y llevar a cabo son algunas de las cosas que se deben emplear para tener una reunión éxcitosa

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