Steps for a great entrepreneur life

steps for a great entrepreneur life

Some basic steps for a great entrepreneur life

Talking about companies, there’s always convenient and also a need to have a strategic plan, which needs to come from a dream. If there’s a dream, there will be hard working and persistence to make that dream come true. To gather a great team of people that shares a same life spirit by developing and making their own dreams come true. As an entrepreneur, we need to choose co-workers that fill areas that are short of knowledge and ability , a team that is so cohesive but at the same time not selfish to let the members to perform and achieve their own goals and dreams by using the rule “I win, you win”.

To be a good leader is always a good example, motivating and cheering up the people, knowing our own limits, working hard but also being a humble person. Some people could think that the leadership idea is attached to the self-sufficiency, self-satisfaction and also prepotency but being a humble person is always necessary to accomplish and be successful, it gets to be authentic and capable to accept limitations, knowing that every person is important and recognizing our own defects.

There are a lot of books and conferences regarding leadership and managing, for Salomón Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim, it is very important to use these tools for him to be a great entrepreneur but also a great leader for his people.

“I’m so proud of the great team I have, all what I have accomplished as a leader of a company is a result of all the hard work of thousands of people that trust in me as their leader, it is my commitment to them to continue working as hard as they do in order to continue building this great family”, said an enthusiastic Salomón Juan Marcos Villarreal.

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  1. Es básico conocer las reglas y la clave para tener éxito y obtener mejores ganancias en cualquier negocio que emprendamos.

  2. El liderazgo es básico para tener éxito dentro de los negocios, y tener una visión clara del objetivo.

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