Become a trustworthy entrepreneur

Tips to become a trustworthy entrepreneur Many successful entrepreneurs share different qualities that have make them distinguish from the rest, such as being passionate, perseverant and, of course, trustworthy, and we will talk further about the latter with some tips that will help you improving the way you project yourself and how will the others […]

Entrepreneur or businessman?

Entrepreneur or businessman, is there any difference? Ten years ago “entrepreneur” word was barely used and businessman was all we had; however, entrepreneur term is now everywhere: politicians, media, institutions and big companies. Now, are there differences between and entrepreneur and a businessman? Wikipedia defines and entrepreneur as a person that starts up a company […]

Financial mistakes

Financial mistakes of an entrepreneur An entrepreneur must take into account all aspects before deciding to begin a new business, such as lack of profits at the beginning, unexpected expenses, mismatches between payment due dates and some other aspects that might carry a company to financial disasters if they are not considered. “Any entrepreneur should […]