Textile sectors in Mexico

Most important textile sectors in Mexico Textile enterprises had a losing streak in the last decade and by then it looked like the maquiladora industry was stuck in a bump it could not get out of; however, things have improved for the textile sector and the companies have been able to start over again, Comarca […]

Demand of Denim Pants

Demand of denim pants in Mexico Denim pants have become a basic garment in all wardrobes every year, and is one of the most sold clothing in Mexico, as the market dedicated to sell these jeans represent a 30%, a number that cannot be compared with any other type of clothes. The demand of denim […]

Mexico, a country of entrepreneurs

Mexico, a country of entrepreneurs and great businessmen Mexico is actually the second country with biggest potential for entrepreneurs, as they feel backed up and are not afraid of failure, reasons to strengthen decisions to open new companies in this country. All over the world, Mexico has only been passed by Colombia as a potential […]