Toll-Free Number To Increase Business

Toll-Free Number

Does Your Company Need a Toll-Free Number To Increase Business?

When operating your own business, it can be difficult to decide if you should invest in a toll-free number as a customer contact option. While there is an additional expense, that should not be your only consideration. To help you determine whether your business can benefit from a toll free number, here are some points to consider.

Customer Location

Your first point of consideration should be focused on the location of your customer base. If you are a small business with only local customers, a toll-free number may not be necessary. This is mainly because local calls are traditionally free in your immediate area. Therefore, a toll-free number will cost you money and may not provide a notable benefit.

Customer Needs

Aside from customer support benefits, a toll-free number is also helpful if your business accepts orders over the phone, especially with customers outside of your local area. Customers automatically feel more satisfied when a company provides toll-free access if doing business over the phone is part of the business model.

Integrated Marketing

By wisely choosing your toll-free number, you can connect the number to your business in a meaningful. With each number on a keypad representing different letters, you have the chance to create a number that connects to your business based on a keyword or two.


A toll-free number can be used anywhere across the country. In fact, the FCC requires that the business is permitted to port their number between service providers at their discretion. This allows business to relocate without impacting the availability of their toll-free number to them. While this may not be as vital to small businesses, it can be incredibly useful for businesses that do not have customers coming to their facility, such as online only retailers.

Changing Your Mind

If you initially decide to add a toll free number and find that it is not being used often enough to justify the cost, you can choose to end the service. However, there is no control regarding who may then claim the number. If a similar business decides to claim your old number, then your previous customers may inadvertently be connected directly to your competition.

“If your customers are located across the state or country, giving those outside your local area a chance to call you for free regardless of their location, a toll-free number can be helpful. This is especially true if you intend to provide customer support for your products over the phone” said Salomón Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim.

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