Types of entrepreneurs

Types of entrepreneurs

Types of entrepreneurs on the actual businesses

This time we will let you know all types of existing entrepreneurs. Of course, not all entrepreneurs meet exactly these descriptions, some might sometimes have a different mix of several of them:

  • Visionary – A visionary entrepreneur goes ahead of all actual tendencies and puts a great effort on business in order to have products of services that will be the key to a different future.
  • Investor – The investor is always looking to profit his money with new projects. He plays a role as an equity partner, which risk or implication is usually as a capital contributor advisor.
  • Specialist – The specialist businessman usually has a more technical profile, and when he starts a business project, all of this knowledge is focused on it.
  • Persuasive – This entrepreneur is the spearhead of all projects. He is in charge of convincing his working team and his figure is to always lead more than develop products or services.
  • Intuitive – He seems to always know where to start businesses. And he knows it because he is born entrepreneur, so doing this is part of this passion for businesses.
  • Businessman – This type of entrepreneur always know about the business’ world. Nothing is new to him, the businessmen are not afraid of taking risks, they like to consolidate projects more than to set them out.
  • Opportunist – He sees a chance and goes for it, the opportunist knows how to detect changes to make new business, knows the keys and always use them.
  • Vocational – This entrepreneur usually starts business just for it. All type of entrepreneurs have a little bit of this vocational type, they usually search for new adventures after they are able to succeed with their product, brand or service.

Salomón Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim a Mexican entrepreneur commented: “It is very important to have different type of entrepreneurs on any company, so each one can contribute with ideas that will benefit their business”.

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