Young entrepreneurs

Young entrepreneurs

Young and successful entrepreneurs

If you want to see one potential entrepreneur, you have to look for a young person and challenge them to something they love, that will make them be as successful as they want.

“Young people has all of the power to succeed on their hands, they are passionate and are always chasing their dreams, which makes them potential entrepreneurs to begin some of the most important business of the future”, says Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim.

Here are some examples of some young and successful entrepreneurs in the present:

  • Isabella Weems – A girl who used to baby-sit, saved a total of $350 and started her own business selling jewelry in 2010, with the money she started winning, she bought the necessary implements to manufacture here own jewels, her company , Origami Owl, grew fast and in 2011 it generated $280,000, in 2012, the incomes reached 24 million dollars.
  • Michael Sayman – A young Peruvian boy created Club Penguin App when he was only 13, winning incomes for a total of $5,000 dollars in only 3 weeks, he of course needed his mother’s support, the $99 to begin his business and the encouragement to succeed.
  • Henry Patterson – When Henry was only 9, he has already started 3 different businesses, such as an important candy shop. His entrepreneurial spirit has encouraged his father to teach him the strategic side of business.
  • Jasmine Lawrence – When she was only 11, she decided to create her own business with natural beauty products, as she could not find any on the market that she liked. Her company EDED BodyWorks started with a $2,000 capital and her business has grown so much it is now available of some of the main Supermarkets.

“Between a young and successful person, there are parents supporting them, in most cases, so it is important that we, as their parents, always cheer up our children to chase their dreams, they see opportunities where adults might not even look at”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.

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  1. I think that young successful entrepreneurs starts with a dream who have already achieved until he has success, great article keep it up Grupo DENIM.

  2. I totally agree with Salomon Juan Marcos, the most important and strong resource for a young and sucessful person is the support and encourage of their parents, without it they will be always insecure and will be afraid to take risks and achieve what they really want.

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